Several accessories will help prepare the volume of lube that you want to make before your event.


A big vessel to mix your lube. Making batches in 5 gallon pails is easy, but if you want to make more than 5 gallons, you’ll need a bigger container or have your pit ready to be filled. We don’t sell pails because shipping them is expensive and you can get them at any hardware store. We use a rinsed-out empty Costco detergent pail.Other good options include:

  • Trash cans (Clean!)
  • Rubbermaid storage boxes
  • A wheel barrow
  • Very large cooking containers
  • Any other sort of barrel – secondary containment barrels for shipping are great too.


A rotary mixer attachment – the easiest way to do this is buy a paint mixer attachment with your kit or add one to your order through our product page and use your own drill.You can also manually mix it with a large spoon or paddle, but bring the elbow grease!


A Flour Sifter – It is important to mix the TURBOSLIME® powder in evenly and this device enables you to produce superb, smooth TURBOSLIME®. The version we sell is battery operated, so one person can easily mix the lube. An alternative way to mix it is to sprinkle the powder by hand evenly and gradually, ensuring you’re mixing the proper amount of powder with the proper volume of water.
We’ve seen lots of ideas – what we’ve found works the best is pictured here. It’s the foam basin and liner from a king size Soma tube-system waterbed. It’s the perfect system for an TURBOSLIME® wrestling pit since it’s large, soft, impervious to TURBOSLIME®, and holds plenty of it right where you want it.Here are some other TURBOSLIME® pit options that may be easier to achieve:To Buy:

  • Blow-up kiddie pool
  • Plastic kiddie pool – be sure to place it on grass. Finding a big one can be tough though.
  • Drained-above ground pool To Construct:
  • Hay bale octagon with a plastic liner
  • Foam pipe insulation around PVC with a plastic liner – click here for plans.
  • A low spot in the earth with a plastic liner – a sand volleyball court that’s bordered by grass could be a great place to do this – try to keep sand out of your TURBOSLIME® by stretching the plastic all the way across the sand.
  • Other ideas are limited only by your imagination.
  • Send us pictures of what you’ve put together: we’ll add you to our site with the proper credits and choose the best monthly submission for a 20% discount coupon.

Email us your pics!

Rinse system – It’s very nice to quickly spray your contenders off after they’re done. If you want the water to be warm, attach a garden hose to a sink faucet or shower and run it out the window.It’s even nicer to have a hot tub handy.