How much TURBOSLIME® do I need? This depends upon the following:Wrestler: TURBOSLIME® escapes as people leave the pit. The more wrestlers, the more lube you need.Clothing: Clothing absorbs TURBOSLIME® and leaves the pit with your contestants. We recommend contestants wear tight fitting swimwear as this reduces the required volume of TURBOSLIME®.

Splashing: Some splashing is unavoidable, but if your wrestlers get really rowdy, even 55 gallons may not last long.

Pit size or area: The size of your pit determines how much lube is needed to optimally fill it.

TURBOSLIME® depth: How deep do you want the lube? The pit certainly doesn’t need to be filled up as a little TURBOSLIME® goes a long way. We generally suggest 1/4 to 1/2 an inch of lube per square foot. It’t better to have deeper lube to start if you’re going to have more than 5 rounds of wrestlers, lots of splashing or absorbent clothing.

Here’s a guide:
The gallon links will take you to the proper kit for your pit and desired depth.

Pit Square Feet

1/2 inch depth
Gallons Needed

1/4 inch depth

Gallons Needed

16 (4×4)

25 (5×5)

36 (6×6)

49 (7×7)

64 (8×8)

81 (9×9)

100 (10×10)

121 (11×11)

144 (12×12)

169 (13×13)

196 (14×14)

225 (15×15)

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  • Mixing paddle, large spoon or preferably a power drill with a paint mixer propeller
  • 5-gallon (or larger) vessel – pails, rubbermaid storage boxes, clean trash cans, etc.
  • Sifter for gradually adding TURBOSLIME® powder

It’s best to start this process a couple hours before you want to wrestle.
Step 1
Fill the vessel with the appropriate amount of warm tap water – the warmer the water is, the faster it dissolves the powder to make lube. Don’t use water that’s too hot to bathe in.
Step 2
Place mixer in vessel and begin mixing water while slowly sifting in TURBOSLIME® powder. Try to mix the powder in as smoothly as possible; it can clump otherwise. These clumps may take longer to dissolve completely.
 Step 3
TURBOSLIME® will become slippery and thicken quickly when warm water is used. It’s better to make it a couple hours before you want to use it so that it will hydrate completely, cool before use, and provide a maximally TURBOSLIMElicious experience.
Step 4
Transfer TURBOSLIME® to your wrestling pit, and you’re ready to RRRRumble!
Video Instructions Now Available!
TURBOSLIME® is a completely biodegradable, non-toxic, non-irritating, water-soluble, pharmaceutical-grade product. Be sensible and have fun with it!


TURBOSLIME® is EXTREMELY SLIPPERY! It’s The Slickest Stuff on Earth™. Liquid and powder spills anywhere people will be walking are dangerous. Clean accidental spills up immediately with towels and soapy water. If outside, use a hose and prodigious amounts of water to dilute and wash lube away from foot traffic.
Wrestling of any sort is a contact sport that can result in bodily harm and/or personal injury. By purchasing TURBOSLIME™ kit(s) the customer agrees to hold harmless TURBOSLIME®, ASTROLUBE LLC, its officers and employees against any claim resulting from the use or misuse of TURBOSLIME® kit(s).