Pit Design

Lube Wrestling Pit
This system allows you to create about a 3 inch basin with padded edges and will hold lots of lube. It’s also very scalable, so you can adapt it to suit your size requirements, shapes, or depth if you want to use larger diameter pipe and insulation. The EASY pit design is best used on grass or with a foam pad since there’s nothing between you and the underlying surface. The picture illustrates an octagon with 4′ 8″ sides using 45 degree elbows.Click for Design Video
10′ Square
Materials and Prices for
(quoted from Lowe’s on 12/26/06).4 – 10 foot sections of 1-inch diameter PVC pipe ($2.48 ea)
4 – 90° 1-inch joints ($0.53 ea)
1 roll of duct tape ($2.75 ea)
7 – 6 foot sections of foam pipe insulation ($1.33 ea)
1 – 12×16-foot tarp or piece of 6 mil+ plastic sheeting

Octagon pictured at left:
Use 8 – 45° joints for an octagon. Cut PVC to 4 feet a side.

Lube Wrestling DirectionsDesign VideoMixing Video

Tape (or glue) 10′ lengths of PVC and 90° joints together to form a square.

Wrap foam insulation around PVC. Reinforce with tape.

Lay tarp out on a flat surface. Center insulated PVC square on top of it.

Wrap insulated PVC like you would a gift in the tarp. Tape all edges for reinforcement.

Turn it over so no tape is visible and place it on a flat grassy surface.

Pour TURBOSLIME® into your EASY TURBOSLIME® Pit and you’re ready to wrestle!

The Recycled Somma Tube System Pit Design
ASTROLUBE™ Lube Wrestling Party Pit Design
Soma Tube System Type Pit
This is an ideal setup.The basin is made from part of a king size Somma Tube System waterbed. It’s medium density foam with 6 inch walls and a tough vinyl liner designed to prevent flooding of your bedroom if a tube happened to rupture. If you can find one, it’s perfect for TURBOSLIME® wrestling.

TURBOSLIME® is searching for a supplier of this pit and may add it as an option in the future.

Edges were lined with additional bubble wrap and pillows for safety.

Materials8 bales of hay or straw
Plastic sheeting
DirectionsThis is more crude than some other designs, but it will also work. We’ve seen this done inside a bar previously.

Spread out the plastic sheet – landscaping plastic works very well – it should be at least 20 feet wide – wider is even better.

Place half of the bales on an edge of plastic, then pull the plastic over the top of the bales.

Place the other half of the bales appropriately. tuck the other edge of the plastic underneath the bales, leaving enough plastic slack in the middle to form the octagonal lined basin.

Pour your TURBOSLIME®.

The weight of the ASTROLUBE® and bales should hold the basin together, but the system may need some maintenance during the festivities.

Wide range of excellent prices on inflatable TURBOSLIME® Lube Wrestling Pits.
This company specializes in inflatable boats and pools and has a wide range of options at reasonable prices that should work very well as an TURBOSLIME® Lube Wrestling Pit.